Ceramics and Sculpture by Tom Szmrecsanyi
Trace 3Trace 3 (detail)Trace 3 (1 segment)Origin 2Origin 2 (detail)Origin 2TetherTether (detail)TetherTether (detail)TraceTraceTrace (detail)Trace (detail)InterfaceInterface (detail)Interface (detail)Interface (detail)Echo SetEcho Set (front)Echo Set (detail)ReclaimedReclaimed (detail)Reclaimed (detail)PilePile (front)Pile (detail)Cross-SectionCross-Section (front)Crosse-Section (detail)SettlementSettlement (detail)OutgrowthOutgrowth (detail)Outgrowth (detail 2)Geod Study (detail)Geod Study (detail)Geod Study (detail)Corner FormationCorner Formation (detail)SegmentSegment (detail)AdvancementAdvancement (detail)Blight Blight (detail)Blight (detail)BreakthroughBreakthrough (detail)Breakthrough (detail)Segment with MidlineInterface 2 (detail)Interface 2Interface 2 (detail)Corner Formation 2Segment with MidlineSegment with Midline
A study of nature’s forms, surfaces and systems integrated with features of human construction. Not designed to mimic any one particular thing, these works should seem strangely familiar at first glance. With each piece, I explore perception and interpretation of the natural world; the bearing of our constructions both physical and conceptual; and whether or where boundaries exist between natural and human construction.